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Procedure for obtaining EINs to change May 13
Beginning May 13, the IRS will accept employer identification number (EIN) applications only from individual taxpayers who have either a Social Security number or an individual taxpayer identification number as the responsible party on the EIN application...

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If you can’t pay the taxes you owe, the IRS has payment options available. Which option might work for you generally depends on how much you owe and your current financial situation. Each option has different requirements and some have fees.

Most options for paying off a tax debt work best if you are proactive. By taking an action as soon as possible, you’ll help ease the burden and keep the IRS from acting to collect the debt. 

If you need to file a tax return, you should, even if you'll owe taxes, when you file.

You should file your return on time, with or without a payment — the IRS can charge penalties for filing late. The IRS also charges daily interest on unpaid tax bills, so the longer you wait, the more interest you'll owe.

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